Three Keys to Photography 

Bonus tip, think in terms of a story, for those who weren’t there. You have to get you and your camera in the right location to take the picture. You have to have an interesting subject. Think, why am I photographing this. If your subject is a living thing; look for expression, gesture or reaction. When the light is casting a dramatic effect capture the scene while you can. Take as many exposures as possible. The light will change quickly. And as always be safe while you’re doing it. Continue reading Three Keys to Photography 

How many frames 

Made camp The tendency is to overshoot with digital. I personally never have that problem. Maybe it’s because I started with film. Don’t chimp, they say. Yes you will miss a few shots by looking at the LCD of your camera but at least you won’t need to make 50 meaningless frames of the dolphin. Learning to engage camera, brain and subject into a single event will make you a better photographer. It takes lots of practice for most of us.  Most of the time I’m too late to get that beautiful candid moment A few years ago, while traveling … Continue reading How many frames