Ripped from the landscape.


The Citizen, Ripped from the landscape. For whatever reason this old gas station was closed and left to decay along an old stretch of route 66. Yeah, it’s not there anymore. A theme repeated hundreds, maybe thousands of times across the USA. Architecturally speaking it’s a pretty nice design, sort of retro modern meets prairie style. What escapes the notice of the clerks who are minding the store is that economics and culture go hand in hand. Creativity is seen as an add on —non essential part of the economy but in reality it fuels the one of the most essential aspects of life. The emotions. When life is emerging, developing and seeking we are likely to be more productive. In that cauldron of relative ease we slow down, observe and feel. Qualities that are becoming more rare by the day. Sometimes a business like this goes from dream to livelihood and sometimes an institution. A reputation that outlives the original and becomes a testimony to the resilience of ideals and principals.


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