Film or Digital


Film or Digital? it’s not a race. The battle has been raging since the idea of using 1s and 0s to describe pictures came about.

It’s more about principles than pixels. I believe that it’s more important to consider what is going on between your ears than what you are holding between your thumbs.

The photo is made up of essentially two components. What is in the frame and the overall quality of the image. Most photographers will favor one or the other. Those who view the photo will add their own subjective bias which may have nothing to do with design, subject matter or photo quality.

The photographer has one other consideration in this mix and that is, how the image is captured. What is it like to use this or that camera or lens and in what situation. Environmental considerations will always have some sort of impact.

Regardless of which method you use, none of it will guarantee a photo that will resonate.


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