Photos and A Story


Behind every image is a story and like images some stories are better or more interesting than others. Today’s inspiration comes from National Geographic Photographer Jim Richardson. This PROOF piece called Capturing the Aura of the Scottish Highlands is a telling example of how photographic skill meets the technology of the new iPhone 5s. Shot in the familiar square format these images showcase what is capable with a smartphone like the 5s. It reinforces what I have maintained for a long time that it’s not all together the camera but in the skill and vision of the one taking the picture.

There is an added bonus to this story which is contained in the bio tag at the end. Mr. Richardson had the support of his parents which allowed him to follow the photographic inspiration. Something I’ve heard from a number of creatives. Some sort of support or encouragement is helpful when you are starting out. Not to say you can’t do it without it though because there are examples of that as well.

[ the photo above is an old Bank Building turned Bail Bonds office and now abandoned since the railroad went away ]


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