The Real Value of Mobile Photography


There has been endless conversation about what mobile capture devices can and cannot do. Exposure, lens, sensor size; all points well taken. Each device has it’s strengths and weaknesses and as such is suited to different tasks. Some have tried to attach some sort of moral value to one way of shooting over another or one device over another but this misses the point; they are simply different and what works for you is the “best” one.

There is a certain lure and ease attached to the idea of shooting with your phone, because you almost always have it with you but a smaller number have discovered the real value of mobile photography. That value is the ability to take the photo, edit the photo in a myriad of ways and the share that photo via email, instant message and the ever increasing array of social media outlets. What’s more are the big media creators are starting to pick up the banner and use them for news to movies and everything in between.


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