Five Secrets of Mobile Photography

No cars and stormy weather can be a perfect scenario. Small towns.
No cars and stormy weather can be a perfect scenario. Small towns.
  • Light – Outdoor photos tend to look better because of the light source options. To improve indoor shots put your subject near a strong natural light source and shoot black and white. Strong contrasts, shadows and detail enhance in a B & W photo. Avoid using flash is at all possible.
  • Camera – Use a camera app that allows  for separate focus and exposure and the ability to lock those settings. Experiment with the settings in your camera app and be able to set them quickly from memory. If you have multiple camera apps learn to quickly choose which camera will work best for the scene you wish to photograph.
  • Battery Life – Be aware of your battery level and if necessary carry an external quick battery charge device. For some reason charging from a wall outlet or a car charger tends to charge faster (your milage may vary).
  • Memory and Backup – Various photo apps will store photos in a “lightbox” which adds to the overall memory that app takes up on your device. Make sure to monitor your settings to see how much room you have to save images. Note: Shooting video will require much more memory on your device. Important when considering the purchase of a new phone or other mobile device. Backup your photos regularly.
  • Mobile, a new ecosystem – Mobile photography has the unique advantage of being able to take a photo, edit that photo in some way and share it with whomever you choose. Like any new medium it has its advantages and pitfalls. As you delve deeper into this method or community take time to learn what is being done but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to do what everyone else is doing. It’s your photography, make it your own.

* New tools are coming all the time and if appropriate to your needs you may wish to monitor social media and blogs that feature these up and coming apps and methods.


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