Sorry, It’s Not Passion


Passion, a word often heard on the internet these days associated with the how what and when of your life and purpose. I know what they mean; which is the notion that you have to have some hearty interest in what you are doing but I am going to tell you that it is not the be all ingredient to your success. Sorry, it’s not passion. You may feel passion from time to time but our emotions are fickle and when passion runs out you need something else. What you call it is of no matter; call it a gift or talent or being at the right place at the right time, it doesn’t really matter.

I prefer to go with a somewhat sticky and more controversial answer. Some people succeed on the basis of how hot the fire is under their pan and some people succeed and become famous even by some process that can only be speculated on. They simply defy definition or categorization. Pick any well known artist, writer, thinker or whatever. Although they may have worked very hard, the thing that set them apart is an ingredient they were born with and the operation of that “gift” was/is as effortless as breathing. The produce of that gift seemingly to appear on either waves. SO. You can’t be one of those people unless you have what they have but then you will be you and not them and you may or may not receive notoriety depending on circumstance.

The real problem is figuring out how to exclude all those things that keep you from finding that destiny that is uniquely yours. How one goes about that process is as diverse as the number of people on the planet. You must find your own way. Not very comforting I know but each of us is a unique set of abilities and experiences and following what worked for someone else can only bring a partial result. Although we seek to advise we can only bid you that which will lead you on the best journey.


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