Issue of One

Issue of One

Someone I follow online recently deleted the major share of their social media accounts and as one might expect it was received with mixed reviews. They listed several reasons for the change in focus. None of these reasons were particularly strange; simply a desire to move on; move closer to their goals.

We have all had our outing with this new thing called social media and it’s standing as the new kid on the block. It seems to work for some, others not so much. In the realm of social convention, this thing called social media is VERY new.

A few observations:
Those who are proponents of posting your life, views, status online and then checking incessantly to see if anyone noticed have one larger goal that they might not even be aware of and that goal is TO MAKE IT WORK.

If it is possible to be “social” and some how reap the benefits of connecting then that must be a good thing. Right?

The implication is that social media can also be “marketing” and not just catching up on how aunt Martha’s Gall Bladder surgery went.

Every tweet, post, like etc. is aimed at one thing. Being noticed! If someone notices it could mean that your cause will be advanced somehow.

To be fair social media has provided some benefits such as providing information in times of crisis. Something the originators may not have conceived. While it is possible to quickly spread a message it is equally possible to spread something that is false, misleading or easily misunderstood.

The simple truth is this; social media can’t make your “work” any better.

On the surface it appears that social media is creating a community but is it any better. You still have the cool kids table, you can ignore people even if they are right in front of you and you don’t have to say thank you or please.

With all of this there are expectations which are at the heart of any true relationship. Often unspoken but so crucial to anything meaningful.

Despite the heavy use and promotion by the “media world” it must be noted that you don’t owe anyone a facebook account or liking your favorite brand of toilet paper when you see it online. Much of the impetus behind social media is a game of marketing and numbers and not real caring about our fellow humans.

The biggest reason, as far as I can tell, this person opted out of the social media merry go round was to make more of their life and what counts to them.

We might want people to “follow us” but we were not all called to the same destiny.


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