Social media versus Eggs and Salsa

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So you won’t have to skip to the end, here’s the answer.
Eggs and Salsa, winner, hands down.
With corn muffin sausage rolls, potato hash and always rounded off with bacon wrapped fruit and strong black coffee. Oh and toast, made with real bread not this toy bread they sell pre-sliced in plastic bags.

The years was 2007 – Twitter was and is like walking through the desert alone, throwing rocks at the cactus. . It was a bleak winter, social media was just being discovered by all the opportunists who love math.

The real problem with trending stuff is it makes you think just like everyone else. Their ideas, methods and strategies. The tragedy is that is may even be good… but it is the enemy of what YOU are all about. If your star shines bright and you bring something really compelling to light, the marketing will be done for you because everyone wants to see it. There will be plenty of people looking and pointing. Of course you also have to be prepared for the fact that YOUR ideas may not be that great, at least to the masses.

If that is the case you have to enjoy it because you made it. It was fun but maybe not what will bring your fame or fortune.

So have some eggs and salsa and use social media for what it is but don’t get hung up in its nets.

Oh, and there’s this…
Occasionally a link will jump up and smack my cursor but most of the time the ticker of words pass slowly by in an endless stream of spinning wheels and pulling levers. [cue the Wizard of Oz]


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