Five easy “photographic” bits


1. …what does your photography mean. Does that picture have a life outside of the fact that you managed another competent photo. Focus, check – Exposure, check – composition… etc. if you see my point. Is the picture part of a larger story? …

2. …it has never been about the tools. It has always been about the workman. The combination making up what we call the “old masters” is part skill with an intangible sense that enables them to see what others do not see and create what others cannot imagine.

3. Create – Present – Share …have a reason, make a print, put the prints in a book. Any life taken on a day to day basis can seem pretty mundane but all those days collected can reveal a brilliant journey.

4. Give your ideas time; you may know in five minutes, five days or five weeks whether it is any good, and then wait a little longer.

5. If your purpose exceeds your grasp keep reaching anyway. Life is a stretch, a tension between what we are and what we are to become.


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