The Wild West

They called it wild because it was without the blue blood trappings of the East. On the frontier, there are few amenities which is part of its charm. It’s true the pendulum swings both ways and it is why I have returned to the old paradigm of brain, paper, and pencil.

An apt metaphor for my photographic exploration as well. I have long wanted to have the simplicity of the box camera with the improvement of more recent times. Turns out there is such an animal; it’s called a hasselblad… Way out of my price range. I like medium format for the depth and some intangible qualities I can’t quite describe. So, for now I am shooting the 6×6 app on my phone, I know I know don’t laugh. The truth is what you photograph is more important than which capture device you used. If you apply all the pixel peeping to the great images of the past… If you get my drift. Gear today, gone tomorrow. I like film I like digital the choices are deeply personal which are tied to the one of the most powerful of all human motivations, emotional comfort. 

The image below is called Mud. Mud is a kind of temporary rust, which like rust involves moisture. I chose this because I like the light and it has great texture.

Shot using the 6×6 app


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