In a favorable light

Due to the proliferation of cameras today it seems everyone is a photographer. Only in the broadest sense is this true. What separates the happy snapper from the one who makes those memorable photos we enjoy is much more than technical savvy and camera gear. The real photographer has a plan which will get them into a scene and in a favorable light. There are of course other  components to the secret Sauce but without a plan there will be no lasting photo. Except for the gotchas which includes the happy accident.

In the old box camera days the big thing was to put the light behind you, which worked part of the time. It worked better if the sun was not too low. If the sun was blinding your subject then everyone had one hand shading their eyes as if they were some pioneer scout. Then you had the problem of your own shadow extending into the scene. Clearly there is more to this photography thing than first appears.

Slowly we work our way through the issues of distracting backgrounds, not getting close enough etc. If you are photographing the landscape you have to be concerned about the light but if people are your subject, add the skill of putting them at ease.

Pond, light filters through the trees from the left


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