How many frames 

Made camp

The tendency is to overshoot with digital. I personally never have that problem. Maybe it’s because I started with film. Don’t chimp, they say. Yes you will miss a few shots by looking at the LCD of your camera but at least you won’t need to make 50 meaningless frames of the dolphin. Learning to engage camera, brain and subject into a single event will make you a better photographer. It takes lots of practice for most of us. 

Most of the time I’m too late to get that beautiful candid moment

A few years ago, while traveling for a week I made 216 frames. Twenty five percent of those were throwaway because I was banging away without my glasses. Most of the time I’m too late to get that beautiful candid moment. Still learning to anticipate. I tend to make three or four pictures and move on, maybe just one. How much you shoot is a learning process. 

There are different guidelines for different types of photography so learn and understand what they are and why. I don’t think I could prove this but it seems pictures of people are the ones that have the most intrigue for us. 

Knowing how to interact and put people at ease in front of the camera could be your greatest picture taking skill. 


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