How many frames 

Made camp The tendency is to overshoot with digital. I personally never have that problem. Maybe it’s because I started with film. Don’t chimp, they say. Yes you will miss a few shots by looking at the LCD of your camera but at least you won’t need to make 50 meaningless frames of the dolphin. Learning to engage camera, brain and subject into a single event will make you a better photographer. It takes lots of practice for most of us.  Most of the time I’m too late to get that beautiful candid moment A few years ago, while traveling … Continue reading How many frames 

Photographer 2.0

I’m going to try to make this real simple. When I began to deal with my fifth mid-life crisis and reconnect with my photography I was being swept along with all the bells and whistles of the digital world, PS actions etc. After swerving in and out of this traffic for a while I careened into some barricades of sanity and I was once again confronted with not listening to my inner voice a little more closely. So, brace up for some reality, feel free to take the grain of salt as needed. Everyone wants the gear. The camera is … Continue reading Photographer 2.0

Secrets to Black and White on Mobile

I’ve been shooting mobile since before the smartphone became the ubiquitous method of capturing on the go. The first and most enduring lesson I learned was that all the basic components of photography are the same regardless of the device you use to capture the image. Exposure, light and composition always a factor. Further, a photo of enduring quality will depend on two things, light and the subject matter. The quality, amount and direction of light is crucial when shooting with a mobile device such as a smartphone. The subject could be anything but it must speak to the emotions … Continue reading Secrets to Black and White on Mobile

Who has the best filters on the iOS platform?

The answer is highly subjective and will depend on who is doing the evaluating. It is also doubtful that anyone has tested all of the offerings available in the app store. In a way it’s a moot point because infinite variety is not what we need. What we need/want is to find something that suits our style and vision. About all any of us can do is to offer some speculation on the more popular offerings and hope we can shorten the search. Before I completely stick my foot in my mouth I should warn you that “some” people do … Continue reading Who has the best filters on the iOS platform?

Five easy “photographic” bits

1. …what does your photography mean. Does that picture have a life outside of the fact that you managed another competent photo. Focus, check – Exposure, check – composition… etc. if you see my point. Is the picture part of a larger story? … 2. …it has never been about the tools. It has always been about the workman. The combination making up what we call the “old masters” is part skill with an intangible sense that enables them to see what others do not see and create what others cannot imagine. 3. Create – Present – Share …have a … Continue reading Five easy “photographic” bits

The Light Factor in Photography

In my last post I mentioned Light as one of the five secrets in mobile photography. We elaborate… Thirty Three years ago I bought my first fancy camera with some lenses and  stuff and it was at that time I also received my first piece of “professional” advice regarding photography. It went something like this… “God’s light is best” I had no clue what that meant or what all those knobs and dials on that fancy camera did. Over the years I did note that there were indeed different qualities of natural light but didn’t really understand how that could … Continue reading The Light Factor in Photography