Photographer 2.0

I’m going to try to make this real simple. When I began to deal with my fifth mid-life crisis and reconnect with my photography I was being swept along with all the bells and whistles of the digital world, PS actions etc. After swerving in and out of this traffic for a while I careened into some barricades of sanity and I was once again confronted with not listening to my inner voice a little more closely. So, brace up for some reality, feel free to take the grain of salt as needed. Everyone wants the gear. The camera is … Continue reading Photographer 2.0

Secrets to Black and White on Mobile

I’ve been shooting mobile since before the smartphone became the ubiquitous method of capturing on the go. The first and most enduring lesson I learned was that all the basic components of photography are the same regardless of the device you use to capture the image. Exposure, light and composition always a factor. Further, a photo of enduring quality will depend on two things, light and the subject matter. The quality, amount and direction of light is crucial when shooting with a mobile device such as a smartphone. The subject could be anything but it must speak to the emotions … Continue reading Secrets to Black and White on Mobile