Here I try to explain what I have learned about the craft of photography.

From a previous post from one of my other blogsites. Three Crucial Tips…

1. You can take a great photo with “any” camera. You just can’t take any “great photo”. You can make a great photo with any camera as long as you understand the limitations of that camera. Example: If you are using a box camera from the 50’s you probably won’t get a sharp close-up of a bird 50 feet up in a tree. Conversely you could get a stunning shot of your family standing in front of that tree 10 feet away.

2. Vision, knowing how to compose a shot will raise the level of your photography 500 percent. Making a great image can be as simple as getting in the right position to take the shot.

3. It’s better to take and make a great image with a “average” camera than to take no image at all because you don’t have the latest gear. Use what you have and understand why you need a certain piece of gear; not just that it’s the hot item. Having the best stuff is not as important as learning how to use whatever you have.


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